About Kingfisher Files

Kingfisher Files was born out of a strong desire to provide a meaningful and secure solution to managing legal documents, getting them notarized, and sharing them with the persons that matter to you.

"Not just a piece of paper...
peace of mind."

Crisis don’t happen Monday through Friday 9-5. They don’t make an appointment, or give you notice. You may need documents when you visit a doctor or hospital when you are least able to get them. I had a vision that anyone that had access to a computer and internet would be able to get personalized, essential documents quickly. I struggled with solving this problem, how could I assist people by making these documents available at their fingertips? So, they could download them on their computer or cell phone, have them notarized or even better, you could have them notarized on the same website.

Kingfisher Files is this vision coming to life, a solution, a helping hand to counter the drama.

Roadblocks get in our way in times of need because we’ve written out papers and we don’t know where they are. Maybe they are just gone. While we don’t know when the next tornado, hurricane, house fire, illness, car accident or other life changing event may happen, we can be prepared.

Young people, middle age people, older people, newlyweds, newly divorced, new parents, single parents. Many people don’t even know that they can and should get a Will or a Power of Attorney. Many people think that lawyers will cost hundreds of dollars. So many people don’t even know they needed an essential document until a doctor, lawyer, banker or other professional has asked them for it. And, at this point, it is usually too late to get one. You or your loved one may be heart broken, emotionally drained or unable to process the situation.

Today’s families come in many forms and this includes traditional families as well as families we have created. More and more step parents and grandparents are raising someone else’s child. Being a step-dad, partner, brother from another mother, roommate, neighbor, best friend isn’t enough to guarantee you will be able to speak on their behalf. Having a document clearly expressing your intentions speaks volumes.

We are providing resources so you can take these steps. We are rolling out the capacity state by state for Last Will & Testament and Healthcare Directive (Medical Power of Attorney). Although we would like to be able to provide services to everyone from day one, this venture has been a much greater challenge than I expected. So, they are being rolled out over a period of time, in multi-state groups. Thank you for your patience.

Our logo, the Kingfisher, is a symbol of hope, prosperity, of calm seas ahead. May it be the same for you. So you can Be Prepared.

Take care,

Tami Newberry