1.  Kingfisher Files Name

Brand Name Font Style: Bold Plom Praeng

Capitalized first letters of each word with one space between first and second words.


2.  General Font

Arial is the standard font used at Kingfisher Files.


3.  Language

The symbol “&” will be used exclusively in place of the word “and’.


4.  Language Style

The language will be:

Gentle not pushy

Engaging not exclusionary.


Communication styles: An effort will be made to be attractive to persons who have different communications styles

Visual – A variety of photos and textures will be used to engage the eye

Auditory – Creative language imploring the senses and the imagination will be utilized.

Kinesthetic – Animated slider, animated pie chart in LW&T, moving pictures on Home page, etc. will be utilized.


5.  Brand Colors

Brand colors

6.  Logos

Logos include the white and full color version of the kingfisher with the Kingfisher Files name to the right of the logo or centered beneath it. Both the logo and the name are registered trademarks. The logos can be found in the Affiliate Creatives.


7.  Saying

 “Not just a piece of paper…

peace of mind.”