SaaS Solution for Patient & Resident Intake

Innovations in medicine have lead to growth in medical complexes and outpatient surgical centers alike. This has driven the need for data intake and management solutions. 

Investing in the patient experience begins with a welcoming intake process. When a patient is concerned about their outcomes and getting treatment quickly, burdening them with filling out a stack of forms is not the answer. 

Kingfisher Files SaaS Solutions modernizes your patient intake process and data management while improving the patient experience. Patients share their health care directive with medical providers and loved ones keeping everyone informed with ease. 

Kingfisher Files Solutions

  • Decreased intake time

No longer are patients filling out a stack of papers to fill out and return to your health care facility. Staff is no longer burdened scanning and uploading documents. Data software to read documents and make decisions on ambiguity is not needed. 

With Kingfisher Files, patients create and login to their account via their cellphone, laptop, or pc. Data is directly uploaded to their patient portal.

  • Improved data quality

Common errors in scanning due to handwriting differences are a thing of the past. Questions of whether a box has been checked, filled in dark enough to make a selection or scribbled out to make a correction are resolved.

With Kingfisher Files, a patient enters data via a keyboard and checkboxes are clearly selected/de-selected, removing all ambiguity. 

  • Hardened system security

Data leaks from employees uploading documents to email as a work around to update patient portals are stopped.  Safeguards against malware injections of portals open to uploading all types of documents are put in place. 

With Kingfisher Files, your patient portal is protected. 

Kingfisher Files. Not just a piece of paper... peace of mind.